Hamed Konarivand

Hamed Konarivand (born 15 April 1987, Ilam, Iran) is a Kurdish Iranian entrepreneur, professional Taekwondo coach, and former professional taekwondo player. He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several companies, including Koryo Club, Safranée foods group, and Taekfundo.  At the age of 6, he became interested in Taekwondo, and at 9, he received a black belt. He experienced his first championship at the age of 8 and became the champion of Iran at this age. He is one of the few Iranian taekwondo fighters who have become the champion of Iran in all age categories, from cadets to adults. From 2005 to 2011, he won several championships in the Premier League of Iran and the Asian Clubs Cup with Saipa and Azad University teams.

Having been born in an athletic family, he has spent a significant chunk of his life in gyms and under the influence of sports coaches. In addition, he was highly interested in petroleum and chemical engineering, which is why he took admission in Chemical Engineering & Process Design on merit at Azad University, South Tehran Campus. After completing his graduate and master’s degrees, he continued his education to Ph.D. and has coined his name in the industry.

Konarivand won the championship in 2007 with the Azad University team in the Serbian open. In 2008, he participated in the Manchester Championships with the Iranian national team. After beating Mohammad Chou, the famous English national team player, and beating the Korean representative in the final, he won a gold medal in heavyweight. He was also named the best player in the tournament. Hamed Konarivand also won a gold medal in the Indian Open Cup in 2010.

Later in 2017, Hamed Konarivand immigrated to France with his wife and launched The Koryo Taekwondo Club in Switzerland and France.

Koryo club chains currently have the most significant number of branches in Switzerland.

Given his ventures, In 2019, after recognizing a lack of quality Taekwondo programs for children under age 7, Hamed decided to make a new method for the first time in the world, especially for this age. So he launched Taekfundo as an engaging children’s program to focus on character development in the most immersive manner.  In Taekfundo children learn all taekwondo benefits during fun and games.

In 2020, he was selected by the Swiss Taekwondo Federation as the national coach of Romandy ( is the French-speaking part of western Switzerland). 

Since Hamed is interested in saffron and the best saffron is from Iran, in 2021,

Safranée Foods Group was launched for his life for saffron and has made it a leading brand offering saffron-based food products.

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